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Ultimate Guide to Forensic Entomology

Forensic entomology is the study of insects and other arthropods in legal matters. A forensic entomologist will use insects to determine cause of death, drugs used and location of a crime. Forensic entomology can also help detect abuse in children. The broad field of forensic entomology is dived into three branches: medico-legal, urban and stored product pests.

Medico-legal entomology focuses on the insects that normally infest human remains. This field has both criminal and civil attributes as these types of insect feed on the living and the dead. Urban forensic entomology deals with infestations of buildings or gardens likely leading to civil proceedings. Stored product insect forensic entomology deals with criminal and civil proceedings that often are used in litigation of contaminated foods by insects.



Insect Types

Modern Techniques

Case Studies

  • Insect Phobia: A case study investigating insect phobia.
  • Moth Study: Entomologist Kevin Daily discovers that insects are not primarily ruled by instinct.
  • Crime Scene Creatures: Case files of creatures in criminal investigations.
  • Insects: Annamaria Lecesse provides research statistics and case study findings on insects and the human corpse.

General Resources